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Your Direct Source For All Your Online Credit Card Processing Needs

Our Mission:
Online Payment Services is dedicated to providing municipalities with secure and cost-effective means of collecting payments for fees, services, fines, taxes and other transactions over the Intenet. We work to ensure that the services that we provide meet the legal obligations of the municipalities that we serve, while complying with the guidelines of the credit card providers.

Electronic Payments for Your Municipality.

Government agencies have unique regulations to follow, and your web payment processing methods need to fit those requirements. Online Payment Services provides solutions customized to your specific needs. Our advanced fraud management solutions, Verified by Visa® and MasterCard Secure Code® are designed to save you money and protect your data. These fraud management services help agencies provide their clients with easy and cost-effective web payment alternatives without taking on unnecessary risk.

With more citizens requesting access to online solutions for municipal payments, we offer you a Visa Cardholder Information Security Program compliant Internet Payment Gateway that protects both you and your clients/citizens. For more information on how it works Click Here.