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Secured Server by Comodo:
Trusted Third-party validation of your website identity.
Point to verify technology - no click is required by your visitors, they just point on the logo for an up to the second real-time site identity assurance request
Extended site credentials available to customers who require a more detailed report of who you are
Eye catching design literally invites visitors to verify your identity.
Boost Customer Conversion rate by effortlessly creating trust between your site and your visitors.
Scroll bar Independent the page moves, TrustLogo stays.
Unlimited Verifications to your site.

Fraud Prevention

Online fraud costs merchants billions of dollars each year, making fraud detection and prevention crucial to minimizing risk and maintaining a successful business. Online Payment Services, together with Authorize.Net, provides several tools to help merchants protect their business from fraud, including several standard payment gateway features and value-adding products.

The following white papers provide detailed information about implementing a fraud prevention program using the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway.

Security Best Practices White Paper
This document details several payment gateway tools and recommended security practices for merchants to detect, prevent, and manage online transaction fraud. Learn more...

Authorize.Net Password Policy White Paper
Protect your payment gateway account from unauthorized access by implementing a strong password policy. This document discusses several key steps for strengthening the security of your account. Learn more...